Natural Sisal Fibre Body Soap Saver Bag

Natural Sisal Fibre Body Soap Saver Bag


Prolong the life of your body soap by placing it in this natural fiber drawstring bag! For longevity, a bar of soap should stay completely dry when not in use, and this little gem will make that possible. Naturally antimicrobial, sisal fibre will stay mildew-free. These are also 100% compostable and safe for the skin.


TO USE: Place bar of soap inside the bag and close the drawstring. Gently rub the fiber bag against the skin to create an extra bubbly lather and exfoliation. Scrub against the skin wherever you need to wash. Set down or hang up in a dry location. When soap runs out, replace with a new bar of soap inside. 


*Recommended for all of our body bars, but not for shampoo bars or use on the face. Please see the wooden soap dishes we have available, which are more suited for shampoo bars and facial bars.





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