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With this deal, you get three shampoo bars for the price of 2! 


Cleanse your hair with natural ingredients that provide a luxury treatment. An apple cider vinegar infusion treats the hair without stripping the natural oils, bringing more volume and health to the hair follicles. Essential oils of sweet orange, lemon, litsea cubeba, and lemongrass create a splash of bright, sweet scents. Lasts for 60+ washes.


No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLSA, so the shampoo will not strip the natural oils and you usually do not need to rehydrate with a conditioner. Your natural hair oils will balance and regulate, creating healthier hair with more volume. You should be able to go longer between washes without experiencing that greasy feeling.


No synthetic colors or dyes.





"It's been almost a year since I switched to these shampoo bars. I CanNOT believe how great my hair feels! They last so long, my hair is healthier and longer than ever, and honestly my shower looks super cute now instead of cluttered. Seriously, use these folks! Best switch I ever made!"

~ Brooke, Spokane


"I LOVE your shampoo bar! I now only use that and hair oil on my curls and am loving it!"

~ Chrystina, Spokane, Owner of Botanical Bee Apothecary


"I’ve been using flourish shampoo bars and soaps for over 1 year now. I made it through the switch from traditional shampoos to the shampoo bars successfully. Liz provides really good feedback and instructions that would seem kind of obvious (create and work in the lather all the way in order to actually cleanse the hair...) but are so helpful. I’m super low maintenance and I really appreciate how well they work once you’ve adjusted. My hair stylist noticed how well my highlights had lasted after one year of getting them done. (I secretly ditched the purple shampoo for the shampoo bars about 6 months in...) She has even commented that my hair seems to be getting thicker. Who knows?"

~ Renee, Spokane, Owner of Hooray by Renee


"Literally the most amazing shampoo I've used! I am used to using one of my own soap bars as my shampoo, but decided to give yours a try and I'm SO glad I did. With just one wash, my hair feels silkier and has more body than with anything else I've used, bottle or bar. The scent is awesome. You've really nailed this recipe. Highly recommend!"

~ Lindsey, New York, Owner of Heart & Arrow Handcrafted


"I’m obsessed! Today is only day one and I’m already in love. Previously I’d been using shampoo bars from [large cosmetic retailer founded in the UK] and time and time again alternative bars failed but the Flourish Botanicals shampoo bar is absolute perfection! It’s smells great, my hair feels great, and not only is it zero waste but I can grab it locally!"

~ Danielle, Spokane


"I love them too! The shampoo bar cleans my hair so well! Plus it smells good!"

~ Bethann, Spokane


"Been loving your bars. I have sprouted tons of baby hairs and finding my hair has more smoothness to it."

~ Tashena, Spokane

  • Canola Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar. Coconut Oil. Castor Oil. Cocoa Butter. Sunflower Oil. Essential Oils of Sweet Orange, Lemon, Lemongrass, and Litsea Cubeba. Sodium Lactate.

  • To use:

    1. Create a full, thick lather by gently massaging the bar on your hair (top, back, sides, and ends).


    2. Set the bar in a dry location on the opposite side of the shower.


    3. Use your fingers to massage the lather throughout the hair and against the scalp.


    4. Rinse thoroughly.


    5. If you are just making the switch away from chemical shampoos to natural shampoos, allow your hair 1 to 2 weeks to adjust and balance the oil levels. If you have straight hair, you should be able to stop using conditioners (since you're not stripping/drying the oils and don't need to remoisturize). If you have curly hair, a leave-in conditioner is still recommended.