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Prophecy | Murmurs | Sanctuary


The aroma of loamy blue dusk - a moss laden temple hidden in the forest - the whisper of incantations - curling smoke in autumn woods - the feeling of groundedness and intention - the prayers of earth rising like incense 


Focus on your desired intention as you mist this deep blend of earthy essential oils in the air or on any surface to create a scent memory for your daily rituals.


Each glass bottle contains an entire 4 oz for a long-lasting product. Once empty, reuse the bottle or return to Flourish Botanicals for 20% off your next purchase.



  • aqua , organic sugarcane alcohol , polysorbate 80 , natural distilled (witch hazel) 100% , vegetable glycerin , essential oil blend

  • Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest.

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